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        To you all traders and students here at Free Forex Coach, we say welcome back from the long break of the festive holidays. You are welcome once again and a very fruitful year to you all.

        As we start our new year of trading, Free Forex Coach is here to remind you; that as you lay your trading plan for the year, you should not forget that “consistency and discipline” is a key to a successful trading.

        We have talked about this several times in the course of last year, and we still had to bring it up, especially now; because it is something you should not forget behind in a single instant, not even a second. A disciplined trader stays on point and is able to tell whether a trade will fail or not

        Stay focused and trade only what you have planned to. Make it a habit to follow your trading plan every single day and in every single trade you hold.

        Consistently, always believe in your strategy as well as yourself. Your attitude also matters when it comes to trading.

        Apart from having a great strategy, you must have a strong positive attitude towards your trades.
        The market is the most challenging area, and sometimes a bit scary so you must be able to practice and master patience and persistence, hence not be overwhelmed by emotions.

        Having your emotions intact; gives you time to focus and you are able to rule out good from bad opportunities. Hence even in the worst scenarios, you are able to react in the right direction.

        With this, you get to know what to trade, when to trade, and why you should or shouldn’t take some trades. This leads to consistent profit taking which should be every traders goal for this year.

        Hope this is helping someone out there. For questions about Forex trading, you can join your trading forum here or share trading ideas right here with the fellow traders. Good luck as you trade.

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