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        This is great book to read! It has great technical and psychological market perspectives. Free Download HERE

        Oliver Says, In this book you’ll find answers to the majority of trading decisions that will confront you as you trade on a daily basis. You have been shown what to expect, what to look for, and where to find valuable trading information. For the educated trader, well-laid plans are the key to trading
        success and this begins by studying the profession and paper-trading until you feel confident in your abilities to pick advantageous set-ups.

        The book also addresses the need to be RIGHT, common vice to traders, and of course how to overcome it. It also provides some information on how to build A TRADING PLAN.

        Throughout Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade, he emphasizes on the ability to educate yourself, and set yourself up for success. While making decisions is largely intuitive, realize the competitive nature and uncertainty of the market. Yo will learn how to examine yourself. Forexample, Are you a high percentage player? Just like spotting that one chart pattern that will evolve into a winner, superior traders stand out in the universe of traders.

        There is whole chapter on analysing Pristine Buy setups with several examples. For details on Pristine methods. Visit pristine.com

        He concludes by saying, ‘Trading is all about playing the probabilities. It is looking at a stock through multiple time frames and determining if there are odds that the stock is more likely to move in one direction or another. It is also about finding these areas, or focal points and reacting to them properly, whether the expected outcome plays out or if the unexpected happens.’

        Great book! Check it out

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