Banks and Cryptocurrency is huge debate. I tend to think large bodies just like highly learned folks forget the basics. And the basic truth is that the power is with the people. What people have accepted and what works with ease is the deal.
The future of fiat money has always been at stake but this time the danger is largely pronounced.
We have seen technology disrupt many sectors.
I could ask you a simple question:
When did you last write a post letter? or when did you last receive one? I could guess its a long time ago unable to remember.
Facebook and whatsapp are just at your fingertips. You no more need to stain your favourite shirt with ink or deal with unbearable post men.

Banks and Cryptocurrency

So, Whether you like it or not, Crypto-technology is here and people are embracing it.
And it is the future of money.
Alot of hedging has already done in the cryptos. This simply means the traditional banking systems need to be creative and adapt.
Ofcourse, this also means we will see more cryptocurrencies coming up.
For example, Recently Dubai was talking about lauching their own cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin will have more strong competitors.
There may be no coin that may beat the bitcoin price, but we will have coins with stronger intrinsic value. Its quite hard to tell which coin will be strongest in a decade to come.
But all in all cryptotechnology is the future of the money.


You could guess that, More Investors will run back to precious metals (gold and Silver) to hedge their money.
And this is going to happen sooner.
Personally i would pick more silver than gold.
SIlver is more consumed in industries so chances of reduction in reserves greater than Gold and therefore probability of doubling in value are much higher.
Let me share the gold silver charts below. Will try to explain in a lay mans language, nothing very technical.

Gold & Silver Candlestick Charts

The arrows on the chart show highest high and the lowest since 2011 and 2015 respectively. Both had all time highs in 2011.
Gold’s all time highest is $1920.80 per ounce in Sept 2011 and Silver’s highest was $49.81 per ounce in April 2011.
As i write this now, Silver is at $16.65 an ounce which is around $545 a kilo and Gold is at $1270.10 an ounce.
When investors get more fearful in the cryptos and in major economies, the precious metals will become a preferance.
If both Gold and Silver go back to all time highs, investors in Silver will have made more money than Gold hoarders because the price will have doubled more than thrice ( ie $16.65 to $49.81). A simple reason to pick more silver now.
In conclusion, as time moves on, cryptocurrencies will be the new money worldwide with gold and silver being the hedge to all risks.
Banks and Cryptocurrency will remain a huge debate anyway!