Success in forex trading is highly possible but does not come on a silver plate.
To achieve forex trading success, it requires you a lot of patience practice and discipline.
become a personal good trader
Forex trading can be one of the most rewarding professions for anyone who wants to master the art of trading.

How to become a successful Forex trader

Like it or not forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme.
So if you come into the forex markets and expect to double your account in just one month, i advise you to keep your hard earned money and invest it else where.
 It’s allover the internet and forex trading books  that only 5% of the traders make the money and 95% lose the money.
But this seems to have turned into a law of the universe that only 5% of the population own and earn 95% of the total resources and income.
So as a serious trader who wants to join the market arena, you need to find away to join the 5% successful traders who are making the money.

5% profitable traders

There are several trading strategies on different websites which have been tested for years and actually they do work but why is it that only 5% of the traders make the money and 95% still lose?
Advances in technology has made access to the markets so easy that you only need a computer connected to the internet to start trading. But that is not what you require to be a successful trader.
There has been no significant changes in market behavior in the history of forex trading and this is due to the fact that markets are moved by peoples emotions and behaviors, people behave in repeated predictable ways so market behavior can possibly change if humans evolve.
So the only factor creating the difference is YOU.
The market arena is not necessary for the elite, it’s for anyone who is is willing understand themselves and learn all the virtues of a successful trader.
Don’t let anyone convince you that success in forex does not take a lot of hard work and focus. To achieve success in trading you have to work hard and focus.
In my next article, i will elaborate on the virtues you need to develop to join the the 5% of the successful traders and in turn avoid the grave mistakes made by 95% of the traders that lose.